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Creative Arts Academy

CACA UK, Cultural Trip to ….. SALZBURG, AUSTRIA

The majestic Salzburg fortress










We recently took advantage of a cheap UK winter-sports flight to sample some classic European culture in a delightful mountain setting.  You can get to Salzburg in under 2 hours from Manchester airport and land close enough to be in the city in 20 minutes. Packed with mediaeval architecture, often built into the huge rocky outcrops that dominate the centre, and peppered with elegant baroque and art nouveau details the city is small but has plenty to feast the eye. The fortress is the main READ MORE

CACA UK Visits: Boom For Real

Jean Michel-Basquiat is one of the most well known neo-expressionist artists, with his work selling for up to $50 million. He was always an inspiration to myself – his work often straddles the line between street art, pop art and graffiti. Initially starting by writing graffiti and slogans under the name SAMO around NYC – particularly around galleries that he wanted to notice him. His dream was to work with Andy Warhol, the art superstar was at the height of his fame, and indeed they did end up collaborating on many projects and exhibitions.


CACA UK Visits: The Artworks, UK

Today we had the pleasure of visiting The Artworks in Halifax, UK. As stated on the sign, The Artworks is ‘The everybody Art school’ with classes covering everything from painting and drawing to letterpress printing and ceramics – open to all skill levels and ages. We got to see Director Peter Stanyer delivering a drawing workshop with beginner students producing some impressive abstract pieces using geometric shapes.



CACA UK had the pleasure of visiting SCAD (Savannah College of Art & Design) in Georgia, USA.

Savannah is a beautiful place to study, an old town dating from 1733, SCAD sits in the heart of the city close to the main park and on one of it’s iconic squares.

The Spanish moss on the trees add a fairy-tail feel to the area here in the South of the US. The elegant main building is a showcase for students’ work and the college has fabulous facilities across the city.


    CACA UK Studio space

    We are pleased to announce we are moving into our UK Studio space. Based in the creative hub of Bates Mill in Huddersfield – we will be located in the BASE Studio. A shared space filled with some very talented individuals and businesses.

    Here are a few pictures from inside the wonderful space and some of its inhabitants.