IFMMC – International Foundation for Mass Media Communication

CACA UK International Foundation for Mass Media Communication aims to prepare international students with core visual language skills, academic theoretical knowledge, vocabulary within Advertising, journalism and business sectors. Students will also learn a variety of practical skills and techniques which bring theory modules to life, and both written and visual communications to the masses.

Students will study a number of design and media related modules which develop a deeper understanding of communication in Western and Eastern consumer environments. Students will develop an understanding of the effects and practical uses of advertising, journalism, business and media communications which drive todays ever-advancing technology, international communications and trade.

Students will work on theory modules which will be supported by creative workshops periodically. This aims to increase practical understanding and well rounded visual, written and oral communication skills that are transferrable to a wider spectrum of higher education courses.

CACA UK TRI assessment process ensures a balance of integrated theory, and process driven workshops which develop students understanding of Mass Communications past and present.

Moreover, other linked modules aim to enhance academic vocabulary, critique ability and studio culture – Driving students towards unique creative problem solving and outcomes.

CACA UK bespoke teaching methodology and learning structures aim to enhance students holistic understanding of design, explore a variety of functional and creative skills, understand the variety of potential streams and design schools when advancing to higher education.

Upon completion of the IFAD course, students should demonstrate a practical ability to apply knowledge and skills. Moreover, produce effective design solutions with a place in the modern creative industry – influenced via the diagnostic workshops designed to identify student streams. Students will also demonstrate confidence in their working styles, individual concepts and major project themes via the TRI assessment teaching ethos.


Broader BA Hons Pathways:

Media & Culture
International Business with Communications
Media and Communication
Communication and Media Studies
Public Relations, Media and Marketing
Film and Television Studies
Media Studies
Journalism and Communications
Mass Communications
Film Studies and Media
Business & Management/Media Communications
Advertising and Marketing Communications
Television Production Management
Fashion Branding and Communications

Graphic Design and Communication
Fine Art and Design
Photography and Moving Image
3D Design, Product Design and Architecture
Illustration and Animation
Fashion, Textiles and Jewelery