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10 Week Online Basic Foundation for Art and Design Skills and Support



  • 12 hours of video lessons hosted by experienced art and design foundation teachers.
    • Contextual studies
    • Creative Practice
    • Workshops and ‘written’ course
  • Image resource packs for each week.
  • Image inspiration packs to get your creative ideas flowing.
  • Portfolio and sketchbook examples.
  • 30 minutes scheduled live support per week from experienced teachers
  • Responsive discussion board contact.


  • Portfolio outcomes of transferrable foundation and technical skills.
  • Ability to articulate and critically analyse design processes and work product.
  • Versatile ability to respond in several media types.
  • Critical and creative thinking ability.
  • Exclusive access to online skills workshops
  • Ability to respond and adapt to multicultural themes.
  • Application support to specified universities.
  • Certificate of  completion
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This course defines and explores developing creative ideas, drawing skill and exploration of creative practice. Learners will work through weeks of visual and audial resources and develop skill sets through engaging  practical tasks. The course will provide inspirational materials, references, contextual knowledge and practical demonstrations that enable you to develop core skills, as well as learn to apply skills to real world environments, higher education or masterful hobbies.

Week 1: Sketchbooks and Creative Practice

Learn how to be inspired and keep an exciting and thorough sketchbook, find out what other people do, and then explore what and how to explore your creative flare through the making your  sketchbooks, as well as archiving and exploring materials. Begin your creative journey with something unique.

Week 2: Media Exploration and Understanding

What is mark making?  This week investigates how simple techniques and expressive styles can be utilised and appropriated to outstanding visual outcomes.

Week 3: Critical studies and Traditional Practices

Understand analogue techniques and the value of media experimentation. Explore techniques of Iconic artists such as Van Gogh, David Hockney and others to understand how these techniques are used in industry today.

Week 4: Sino-Western Arts

Examining Japonisme and other Eastern arts, we delve into traditional icons of culture.  Exploring appropriation of visual context and responding through various experimentations, learners will create illustrations, mixed media outcomes and  unique deliverables from primary research.

Week 5: Urban Sketching and Observation

Art and design isn’t restricted to the confines of a studio or home, the great outdoors or urban landscapes are where we can find amazing visual references and inspiration. This week explores your world, city and environments and emphasises your passions and unique creative approaches through observation, exploratory and technical drawing styles.

Week 6: Printmaking

Creating accurate or technical translations of photographs through printmaking using tracing,  freehand and experimental techniques, then developing these techniques into a final mixed media pieces of flexible themes and design streams.

Week 7: Pattern Making

Examining relief printing, surface pattern and geometric exploration from primary research, learners will develop reating repeat patterns and compositions.

Week 8: Mixed Media

Examining and responding to the work of John Piper, creating intriguing backgrounds, textures, observations and studies working in the style of artists such as Valery Koshlyakov.

Week 10: Colour Mixing and theory

Utilise your new skills, techniques, inspiration and experimentations and develop a final piece in one final piece examining colour, composition and form.

Week 10: The Power of Digital

Utilise the resources at hand and refine your portfolio through powerful digital applications or computer softwares for print or applications, hosted by Professional Digital artists.



Challenges: Beginner and Intermediate skill levels

Format: Online and Mobile

Advised English Level: 4+ IELTS / Equivalent / Native


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