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International Foundation and Portfolio Preparation Services – Enquire

International Foundation for Art, Design and Media:

Recognition and Undergraduate Progression:

Leeds Arts University

University of the Creative Arts London

University of Huddersfield

Falmouth University

Park University USA


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IFAD – International Foundation for Art, Design and Media

International Foundation for Art and Design prepares international students with the core visual language skills, theoretical knowledge, academic vocabulary and ability to demonstrate practical creative processes required to take them onto the next level of study.

Students work on a wide range of problem-solving activities and creative workshops to promote understanding and give them the opportunity to explore the relationships between theory and practical modules.

Syllabus and curriculum content ensures a balance of integrated theory, and process driven workshops which develop students’ understanding of design, past present and future. Additionally, linked modules aim to enhance academic vocabulary, critical analysis and developing studio culture – Driving students towards unique creative problem solving outcomes and portfolios.

Upon completion of the IFAD course, students will be able to demonstrate:

  • A practical ability to; apply knowledge and skills
  • Produce effective design solutions with a place in the modern creative industry
  • Direct skill sets towards specific areas of Art, design and media.
  • Have a portfolio of skills and design knowledge.
  • Improved English ability and confidence to articulate processes, ideas and portfolio outcomes.
  • Understanding and adjustment of Western teaching methodology and confidence to transition to Higher Education Study.
  • Have a portfolio and language skill set appropriate for undergraduate study in the UK and overseas.



Broader University Pathways (BA Hons)

•Graphic Design
•Fashion Design
•Fashion Management
•Textile Design
•Interior Design
•Fine Art
•Product Design
•Jewelery Design
•Computer Arts
•Game Design
•Film Production
•Moving Image
•Visual Communications


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