CACA UK are proud to be participate and contribute in the growing international design industry and conversation. We are enthusiastic about the future of design, students experiencing a broad range of design industries through unique insights, industry collaborations, partnerships and conversations.

CACA UK have a unique network of designers contributing to the broad international design conversation. Both students and industry professionals have a great opportunity to enhance their domestic and international profiles through features, competitions and collaborations via web, print and e-commerce platforms facilitated by CACA UK.

Students, freelancers, industry agencies, professionals and education sectors are welcome to submit work, profiles and contact details to be considered for featured on our web and print materials periodically.
Additionally, items may be added to the commerce network shop upon request and consideration; of which persons will be credited and contact information for commissions/networking directed to the artist and designer.

CACA UK will endeavor to create design links and competitions that cultivate the international Art and Design culture, promote international communication and collaboration in the Creative Arts industry and nurture students’ unique creative potentials.

If you are a university, freelancer or agency who would like to know more about how to be involved, please get in touch at