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Arts Academy

About Us

Mission: Creative Arts Academy aim to cultivate the international Art and Design culture, promote international communication and collaboration in the Creative Arts industry and nurture students’ unique creative potentials through end-to-end design, consultation and implementation of quality Art, Design and Media courses, as well as comprehensive support for student learning and teaching.


Vision: To ensure quality education delivery and progression routes for international  students, develop versatile and practical creative skills, critical thinking ability, appropriate academic language and soft skills required in western academia and beyond.


Our diverse team of Academics, creatives and educators bring a new dynamic to each aspect of international education, design aesthetic, cultural understanding and student learning experiences.

Our team not only design learning curriculum and syllabus tailored to the needs of International Students, but also give quality and frequently updated  support through online learning, staff visits, lectures and webinars.

Students studying our courses have  prestigious academic art and design Institutions around the world.


(CN) +86 10 62568442

3M Buckley Innovation Centre,
Firth Street,
Huddersfield, England, UK


Base Studio, Bates Mill,
Milford St.
Huddersfield, England, UK


Room 1007,
ZhongGuanCun SOHO,
Haidian No. 8, 100080
North 2nd Ave,
Haidian  District,
Beijing, China PR


Creative Director
Saul Higgins, FHEA. (processing), Ba Hons (SWD).

Saul Higgins is the Creative Director of Contemporary Arts Academy. Saul received First Class Honours Degree in Graphic Design and Communication from the University of Huddersfield and followed on to work in a Manchester fashion designer and distributor as in house graphic designer, and also worked independently in branding, graphic illustration and motion graphics. Since 2015 he has been working between the UK and China building and consulting for academic partnerships at International high school and University level, developing international curriculums and resource provisions tailored to the needs of international students, developing domestic art and design programmes in China, and developing collaborative prospects for student progression, exchange, staff mobility, recruitment and KTP. Saul is also experienced in the delivery of international programmes, and has consulted international high schools to develop programmes, train teachers in curriculum delivery and resource development and increase successful student progressions to western institutions. in 2017 Sul undertook his HSK 3 test as part of is CPD and endeavour to create stronger communications with Chinese people, partners and institutions. Further, in 2018 Saul completed his Fellowship of Higher Education Academy and plans to delve deeper into the internationalisation of education and growth of creative arts and business collaborations on all levels.

China Operations
Peng Yan, BaSc. MPhil.

Peng Yan (Patty Peng) has over 13 years working experiences at international education industry, Ms Peng has built up a wide network across Chinese prestigious universities as well as China & provincial education ministry. She has worked in senior marketing, operation and business development positions at several companies, including University of Hertfordshire (UK Based) China office, Kings Colleges (UK & US Based) China office, and Northern University Consortium UK Limited (NCUK) China Office. Notable is her 8 years’ working experiences as Marketing & Operations Manager at University of Hertfordshire as well as 2 years’ working as Regional (China) Manager at Northern University Consortium UK Limited. Apart from Ms. Peng’s working achievements, she also demonstrated her exceeding academic ability in her bachelor and master degree study. She studied BSc Biology for four years at Beijing Normal University. After her bachelor degree study, she continued her Master of Philosophy in Molecular biology at Beijing Normal University& Institute of Microbiology, China Academy of Sciences from 1999 to 2002. During those seven years, her academic performance was rather satisfied. Especially in the last two years, she finished a professional research paper quite independently, named “Primary study on Tranformed tobacco with npr 1 gene”. This research paper was written bilingually in Chinese and English for maximum academic application. Ms. Peng continues to work in the education industry in management and entrepreneurial vigour required internationally, and is working across creative arts, business and high level institutional partnerships in China.

UK Creative Collaborations
Oliver Smith

Oliver Smith studied art and design foundation and then receiving a First Class Honours Graphic Media Communication in Bradford College, UK. Oliver is a continuing and practicing professional illustrator and designer who has exhibited his work internationally in the UK, USA and beyond. Specialising in exploratory drawing techniques, Oliver has worked as an Independent designer, with a global client lists including fashion design for Steve McQeen, and design and art direction for, Island Records, Serco, Schuh, Stussy, Jameson Whisky, Revolution Bars, among others. Oliver has experienced the delivery of international arts programmes in his ventures to New Dehli, India, and Beijing, China PR. As a practicing designer and collaborator, Oliver also explores stronger links with the arts through art and music events, exhibiting and collaborating between the UK and Europe, and through his independent magazine ``Dirt Cheap``.

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