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Prepare and Apply in China

  • 在中国的筹备与申请
  • 学士与硕士课程的筹备与申请支持
  • 适合国际学生的在线学习环境
  • 适用于提高艺术、设计、传媒以及综合英语能力的手机学习APP
  • 在线研讨、各项指导与申请支持

延长预科与额外课程 – International Pre-Foundation Year

For institutions wanting to cover the whole High school year groups, encourage healthy recruitment for programmes and ensure higher abilities of foundation skills and language in year 2.

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国际预科 – International Foundation for

Art, Design and Media

Centres can rest assured that students will be well prepared with English Language for Creative Practice, Design thinking, versatile and technical skill sets.

We work with centres to develop creative environments and studio spaces based on their existing facilities, provide high quality teaching resources, lesson structures and training.

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Students participating in this course should be 16 years of age, OR year 2 of High School, OR a-level study.

  1. IELTS 3.5+
  2. Evidence of some drawing, sketchbook or portfolio work.
  3. To meet applicable pre-requisites for centres (enquire for details).

作品集筹备 – Art and Design Portfolio Preparation 

For students Progressing from IFAD course, OR;

Demonstrating basic foundation skills and willingness to learn.

Students develop portfolios in shorter periods of time through concentrated studio preparations or online courses with designated tutors , particularly students wanting

  • 1-2-1 support
  • Online support
  • Native English speakers
  • Application pathways from preparation

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大众传播国际预科 – International Foundation for Mass Communications

Between the creative industries and business resides Mass Communication. It is necessary for students to understand and develop critical thinking and creative skills to adapt to the needs of business, finance and the workplace after Higher Education.

IFMC is a course which can run as a singular course at foundation level, or also as supplemented course for BA  business and finance related programmes, ensuring your students are one step ahead.

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