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International Field Trips

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Portfolio Exploration & Preparation Courses


Our courses are designed to inspire and motivate learners to discover, experiment and experience creative art and design in authentic environments, develop new creative skills, engage in local culture and prepare for progressive teaching experiences overseas.


UK short courses explore several universities across the UK, where students can visit campuses, participate in creative workshops, meet with other students and feel a true learning experience as to that in higher education study.

Previous visits include visits to prestigious arts universities of the UK, such as: University of Arts London facilities tours, University of Creative Arts London: Workshop days (fashion, textiles, weaving, surface pattern, screen printing), Leeds Arts University 5 day course (industry standard facilities and equipment experimentation, surface pattern, Gallery and archive research visits, city exploration, sketchbooks and life drawing, oil painting, contemporary arts).

Inspiration from gallery visits, university campus and facility tours, cultural visits, and meeting with new professionals of the industry, fuels the creative flare in workshops and influences the contextual progression of work. Students will produce sketches, paintings, digital and print works, fashion textiles and more, from a variety of materials and traditional/contemporary processes which are transferrable in each design dicipline. References from the journey across the UK will inform unique and diverse outcomes across student cohorts.

Short courses are perfect for students who want to have a better understanding of UK life, culture and arts. Furthermore, have an authentic learning experience in a condensed time period of up to 2 weeks where students can broaden the understanding of what it means to be a professional artist or designer. Short courses are also great for building a variety of exploratory work, sketchbooks and portfolio work, which greatly assists university applications, the world over.

UK Workshops: Winter and summer

Beijing: Periodically throughout the year

For more information, schedules and itinerary’s please contact: