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To demonstrate skill, exploration, research and creativity in a sketchbook can set yourself from the crowd. Sketchbooks are an important means to convey your identity, invests and passion for art and design, as well as the area you wish to pursue. Beyond this, sketchbooks are widely used by professional artists and designers as a tool to develop their signature styles, work through processes, learn new techniques and be inspired by the world around us. This unit shows us examples of quality sketchbooks and experimentations, explores techniques to craft interesting sketchbooks with interesting materials, and some simple exploratory techniques which will help you to develop your perfect sketchbook in no time.

Exploratory drawing is a brilliant technique to get your ideas down on paper in fast and creative ways. Through understanding the potentials and limitations of materials, we can begin to develop representational drawings and observations into beautiful visual outcomes.

This unit is brilliant for learners looking to develop sketchbooks and generate unique creative concepts.

In this course you will learn key language language skills expected of students at foundation and undergraduate level.  Learners will quickly learn to utilise vocabulary to express creative ideas, concepts, discuss and annotate work in other courses, as well as in daily life.

Learning modes will be through Audio resources, vocabulary lists including example descriptions, and written basic translation tasks. 

Learners will mainly improve listening, oral speaking. Though studying this course simultaneously with fou4ndation courses will also improve academic writing ability through annotation and articulation of ideas.

The International Foundation for Art, Design and Media has been designed to  to inspire and motivate learners to discover, experiment and experience creative art and design in an engaging online environment.

The media and topics are tailored towards international students, through are widely applicable to all students wanting to develop new creative skills, engage in home-based or outdoor activities and develop portfolios for higher education study or hobbies.

The International Foundation for Music is aimed for international students wanting to expand their opportunities for overseas study on Music courses.

Courses cover Creative vocabulary, with English tutoring and support for specific course knowledge and overall English communication ability.

Music Theory, such as composition, Culture, Social and Contextual studies through history.

Performance, aiming towards entry requirements, improvisation and fluidity in playing your instrument.

Knowledge and analysis of modern music industries, creative thinking and business acumen.

Live tutoring from tutors and professional designers for portfolio preparation, personal development plans, applications counselling and more. Find out the information you need for higher education study, and also prepare through 1-2-1 live tutoring and skill sharing tailored to your needs.

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